Why Women Like More Cum?

Women tend to get attracted to alpha males.

Because the alpha males have the genetic qualities to continue their next generation.

They are fertile, healthy and provide safety and shelter. These are the necessities that attract women to men. Reproduce and have healthy babies.

It is genetically hard wired to our brains and this is the main subconscious reason of why a woman is attracted to a male.

When a guy has a high sperm volume, this triggers the survival instinct in the woman’s brain. It turns her on and creates desire.

Having a weak cum gives out the signal that the guy is not sufficient enough for reproduction, therefore turns off his sexual partner. It is a scientifically proven fact and unfortunately most guys are not aware of it.

Girls want men who can get them pregnant to continue their generation.

So what can we do about it?

Having a weak cum is not the end of the world.

Although most people do not realize the importance of it, it is a sexual problem that should be taking care of as soon as possible. It is exactly the same as you liking a girl who is tall, sexy, beautiful, girls also like healthy, good-looking guys who have the perfect genetics for reproduction.

For instance, being tall and strong both physically and sexually.

Having a weak cum problem can be taken care of with the right treatment. There are certain pills in the market that will increase your semen volume in a short period of time. When taking consistently following the directions, your semen volume will start increasing and in a few weeks you will have stronger orgasms.

You just have to watch out for the quality, because not all the pills in the market are the same. There are pills that are pure crap which don’t do nothing.

Only a few pills in the market can actually fix this issue and increase your semen volume.

Most of the ones that work, actually take their time and increase your semen load in months rather than weeks. Is your due diligence to do your research and find out the most quality pill that will do the job in the shortest amount of time possible.

I advice you not to fall for shiny advertisements.

People fall for it easily and later on they find out that it actually doesn’t work. Therefore, maybe you would like to check out Semenex. It worked for me and I was able to increase my semen volume up to three times in less than 40 days. It tastes okay, does not leave a filthy taste in your mouth like the other pills and also works fast.

Once I increased my semen volume, I also started having stronger orgasms. I could shoot my sperm all over the girl’s face and hair. It makes you feel stronger and also a huge turn on for your sexual partner.

Having a stronger cum is a perfect finish and it is really fun to notice the lust in her eyes.

There is nothing more important to me than feeling like a real man after sex.


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