How to keep an erection longer for her pleasure?

Early ejaculation is one of the most common forms of sexual dysfunction in men and lots of them would love to keep an erection longer so that their partner could enjoy the intercourse as well.

Short erection is common problem

Ejaculating too soon is more frequent and of impotence and sometimes it could be a serious problem that is reflected in the sexual behavior, self-esteem and quality of life of men so it is no wonder lots of them want to keep an erection longer.

If the man can’t please his partner, he could retreat, avoid sex, or become aggressive, accusing partners because of the problem, rather than working on how to last longer.

What is normal length of intercourse?

Short erection is when ejaculation happens with minimal sexual stimulation that occurs before, during or shortly after vaginal penetration before both partners wish, son they would love to keep a longer erection.

Normal length of sexual intercourse is considered to be between 2 to 7 minutes so there is no need to keep an erection longer than that.

But have in mind that it is important that both partners reach orgasm at the same time.

There are partners whose sex is shorter but they together reach orgasm and they do not see any problems in their sexual relationship and they don’t need to keep an erection longer.

There are those in which the intercourse lasts longer, but a man ejaculates before a partner reaches an orgasm, which is a serious problem. Also, we have men who complain of rapid ejaculation, and have a completely normal sexual function, but unrealistic sexual expectations.

What is a cause of premature ejaculation?

It is believed that the cause of the phenomenon is autonomous reflex abnormality and high sensitivity of the penis glens.

Premature ejaculation is almost always psychogenic and it is best treated with specialized psychologists or psychiatrists. Treatment usually consists of advising and applies special techniques during sexual intercourse so the man could keep an erection longer.

The basic principle behind this technique is the ability of man to know the reaction of his body.

By understanding how the body works and the level of sexual excitement it increases ability to learn how to last erection longer.

The key is to know when to slow down to the excitement evaporated just enough that you can avoid ejaculation and continue the intercourse.

Another method is tied to the possibility of reducing the sensitivity of the penis. If you reduce the sensitivity of the penis, it takes more stimulation to reach climax, and therefore you can maintain erection for longer time.

You can use, for example, Play – Stop technique.

The basic principle of this technique is the stimulation of the penis (individually or by the partner) to the point of ejaculation, and then a short break to bring down the level of excitement.

In order to prevent ejaculation you can also apply pressure in the area below the glens. These ups and downs on the penis should be repeated 3-5 times before the orgasm.

It’s not bad to practice deep breathing and during a break in order to further calmed the body and to avoid ejaculation. After weeks of practicing this technique you will see a significant improvement in your sexual stamina.


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