Find out How to Finish Like a Porn Star

Hi, my name is Dave and I wrote this blog because I needed to let everyone know about this amazing secret that changed my sex life, forever.

This is my story on how my life turned around and started to cum more and explode like a bull in less than a week!

Have you ever become jealous when you noticed the porn star’s huge dick, and the girls on the screen are always amazed by their size, and then when they cum, the girls are fascinated by the strength and volume of his ejaculation?

resultDon’t you hate yourself when they cum on the girl’s face like a fire hose?

Well… I envied them because I really felt uncomfortable when girls couldn’t even taste my sperm.

Mine was more like a rain drop…

How is yours?

Feeling Uncomfortable? You Are Not Alone…

I had to find a solution for this. I had to cum more sperm. First of all, it was embarrassing and second, I wanted to feel like a strong bull, a stud who amazes the girls with his performance, before and after.


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I serve drinks to gorgeous chicks 5 nights a week. You know the job, you get to hear things that you’re not supposed to. And I was sick of hearing girls talking about how amazing a strong cum feels.

Each time they get a buzz, they would start talking about their ex boyfriends dicks, make humiliating jokes and laugh their asses off.

How many times my ex girl friends did the same thing behind my back, i wondered…

Watch This: Video Proof

size does matter Having a weak ejaculation made me so insecure that, whenever a hot chick started hitting on me, I avoided her like a plague.

All I could think of was how poor my cum was and how I was going to fail in bed. I even stopped watching porn to be honest with you.

You know the famous scene in the porn movies, where the guy holds his big cock and tells the girl to sit and open her mouth, and then explodes massive loads of cum! all over her face, her hair, her mouth and then some more?

Well… I was never be able to experience that in my life. In my case, girls would ask me this: Did you cum honey?

I had to find a cure for my ejaculation problem, but how?

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The Conversation That Changed My Sex Life!

It was a busy Saturday night. The patrons were ordering drinks left and right but out of that crowd, one guy got my attention.

He was an ordinary guy with average looks but he was a ladies man for sure. I couldn’t even count how many girls walked up to him that night. You could easily tell he had a boosted ego and self confidence.

be a ladies manI got curious and paid little bit more attention to him. A girl he definitely knew walked up to him and I overheard their conversation.

She was talking about how great this dude was in bed and how amazing it was to feel his big dick all night long and being showered by his massive, warm and strong cum. I got curious. I had to talk to him…

Finally, I got the chance and fired up the conversation. I asked him how an amazing feeling it must be, that he can could satisfy any woman in bed.

You must have born lucky I added. He laughed at me and said I was terribly wrong and I could be in his shoes if I wanted to!

I could not believe what I’ve just heard so I literally begged him to tell me his big secret.

But What Is This Well Kept Secret?

He said he was in the porn industry before, and did a few movies with famous porn stars.

Did you think that all porn stars were born with huge dicks and massive ejaculations, he asked.

There’s a pill we used to take and it increased our ejaculation volume and shooting power, between 2 to 5 times!

They keep this as a dirty little cum more secret so that the newbies don’t saturate the porn industry. And we keep all the money to ourselves, he added.

Some even go far and recommend fake pills and male enhancement products to mislead people and prevent competition, he said.

I was blown away with what he said…

The Magic Cum More Sperm Pill That Worked Wonders For Me

Increase Sperm VolumeHe told me, If i really want to increase my ejaculation volume,

then i should start taking Semenax just the way it writes

on the box and I’d start having increased ejaculations in just one week.

That night, I went online and placed the order right away. The discrete package was on my door step in 72 hours.

I had doubts to be honest with you, because I tried many different increase ejaculation volume pills before Semenax and none of them worked for me.

The only reason I tried Semenax was, because the guy was just a regular customer and he had no reason nor a benefit to lie to me. And it comes with a 90 days risk free policy.

Yes, 90 days, 3 months.

So, if you are still not ejaculating the way you want or for some reason you can’t cum more sperm, then there is no harm in sending it back. You are guaranteed to get a refund.

What I Did?

I started taking Semenax just like he told me.

On the other hand, I went online to make an extensive research to understand the theory behind Semenax volume enhancer.

These pills increase ejaculation volume by providing the nutrients your body needs to produce more sperm and semen for your ejaculation.

It’s got pomegranate for starters, which is great for keeping the blood flowing through your pleasure muscle, and then it has got both zinc and L-arginine to optimize other aspects of sexual stability!

That is why Semenax is essential for having a full, fertile, and extremely pleasurable ejaculation.

These pills definitely increase ejaculation volume permanently.

On their own, they also increase the size of your erection. The sperm pills help your penis to grow and cum more sperm.

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My Results In Two Weeks

I was really shocked that after just a week, I already noticed that my ejaculation increased

All I did was to take my Semenax regularly and quit alcohol to increase blood flow.

increase ejaculateI cum in my hand and was pleased to see i was almost filled up my hollow! Needless to say this was impossible before starting to take Semenax.

That is when it dawned on me that this ejaculation increase idea really does work. I couldn’t believe that more people aren’t using this. It worked for me so I can’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work for you!

Judging from the responses on my blog that I got when I published my results, it looks like more men are using sperm volume increase pills than I initially thought.

As you know, having poor blood circulation has a dramatic effect in sexual performance and getting full erections. A result which I didn’t expect was that the size of my ejaculations also increased.

I felt like a porn star while ejaculating huge amounts of semen from my larger penis. This is because of the increased amount of blood flow that comes when you have a bigger dick.

I couldn’t believe that more people aren’t using this. Well, maybe it is better that not everyone is making their penises bigger because than I would still be small by comparison!

Judging from the responses on my blog that I got when I published my results, it looks like more men are using sperm booster pills than I initially thought.

For doubtsters, I also recorded my final results with my cam corder.

Video Proof Of Me Having A Bigger Ejaculation After Using Semenax

Is it safe? What is in it?

Not only can you trust me because I’ve been using it, but you can go to the Semenax site and check out the information on it yourself!

It is made with natural and organic ingredients that your body needs to produce more sperm and semen for your ejaculation, forever.

Semenax are clinically proven, so that means it works and it works safely.

Having Bigger Ejaculations With Semenax Changed My Life

I can not even tell you how it feels, having a bigger and thicker penis that every chick on the planet will want to take for a ride!

And how good it feels producing massive loads of cum, enough to make any Teenie babe OVERFLOW!

I got my self esteem back, the customers i banged started spreading the word around and I got quite a reputation in my neighborhood :)

Not only my penis produces and ejaculates more sperm than before, taking Semenax also gave me fuller and harder erections.

I started lasting much longer (average was around 10 minutes) now, up to 45 minutes with stronger orgasms and rock hard erections. I started fucking like a porn star and now my nick name is energizer bunny ha ha ha :)

So What Do I Do Now?

For anyone who was in my situation, I really recommend you try using a medically tested sperm pill to increase your ejaculation volume and power.

You should make a chart of your growth so you know how you are progressing. This is not just for proof that the penis pills works, but a great way to start improving your confidence.

I am really proud of myself for finally taking action and not just feeling bad for myself because I was “cursed” with small ejaculations.

Start taking your increase ejaculation volume pills ASAP and follow the directions they send you. Once you start taking them, you will get so EXCITED that it will make you want double up the dose. Don’t ever do that! Always follow the directions and don’t worry, 4 weeks will pass more like a day.

My last piece of advice for anyone who reads this and tries a cum more pill is to talk about your experience (anonymously or with your small-penis friends). There is no reason why we shouldn’t be open about penis size and ejaculation volume and talk about enlargement in a truthful manner.

I’m not ashamed that I had a small ejaculation but I would be ashamed if I didn’t do anything to increase my ejaculation volume.

Don’t forget to take BEFORE and AFTER photos of your cum and share your success stories on here. You can also thank me by sending a hot chick’s phone number along my way :)))

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33 Responses to “Cum More Sperm”

  1. Bill

    I was pretty skeptical at first, but it actually turned out to work! I saw some serious results after just the first time using it and my wife and I couldnt be happier. I would strongly recommend this to any guy looking to spice up his love life. It worked for me!

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t usually post on stuff like this, but I was so impressed I thought I should, just to spread the word about Semenax. A-mazing is all I have to say. Thanks for sharing, dave. go go go … cum cum cum :)

  3. Johnny

    Yeah, I’m 21 and I was thoroughly impressed as well. Dave, you are the man and thank you for telling us about this product that increase sperm fluid! Maybe Ill make a blog of my own just to spread it further! Haha

  4. Dave

    No problem! Im glad its working. Increase sperm volume guys! I told you it would ;)

  5. anonymous

    okay, well it didn’t increase sperm volume quickly for me and didnt even happen in the time it said on the box, but nevertheless, I AM thrilled with the end product when it does start working to increase ejaculate volume. I’m more fertile, and 10 times happier with my performance in bed

  6. Mark

    I had been using a similar product for increase seminal fluid and ejaculation strength for a while before reading your post, and then you seemed so sure about this one, I thought what the hell Ill give it a shot. So, I changed up my routine and I have to say, Semenax works way better. I thought I saw seeing results before, but this is the real deal! Increase ejaculate volume guys!

  7. Dorian

    I bought Semenax because of your site and I just wanted you to know that I have a much better sex life and increased ejaculation thanks to you. This stuff is awesome!

  8. Dan

    Hey what’s the difference between increase sperm count and increase sperm volume? Please help me – i just want to ejaculate more sperm fluid. Should i buy Semenax? Will Semenax increase ejaculation volume? 10x!

  9. Dave

    I’m not an expert but i see Semenax increases sperm volume i ejaculate. Hope that helps :)

  10. Jeff

    I just received Semenax in the mail and I’m excited to use it. I can’t believe it got here so fast. Thanks.

  11. Logan

    Semenax works well but it took a lot longer than I thought to see the results like increase ejaculate.

  12. Ken

    he order was my first and I’m already experiencing these more cum shots. I really do feel like a porn star. sinrex rules.

  13. Kate

    I ordered SinRex for my boyfriend to see if he could shoot a porn star load on me and I am happy to report that he is leaving me the best facials ever! I like sperm and love to be filled with cum!

  14. Shawn

    SINREX is ok but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. A little pricey! do u know how to buy it for less? any discounts available?

  15. Dave

    No discounts, sorry! I don’t think it is expensive. Other products cost around the same price, although they are not as good as Sinrex. Im satisfied with the price, shipping and fast results. You can look at this volume pills comparison,
    I personally believe SinRex is the best sperm pills around.

  16. Neil

    I recently tried a popular product that is similar to sinrex and hated it. I ordered SINREX and IT WORKED like a charm. I won’t need to order anything else, I’ve hit the jackpot. THANKS, Dave!

  17. Dave

    he he, I love to hear your success guys! Come on… every man can cum more ejaculation. Go Go Go! :) :)

  18. Jesse

    sinrex makes me cum like a porn star and I can’t believe how good it works. I noticed it within weeks.

  19. Colton

    I didn’t like how long it took for shipping. Seemed like forever.

  20. Michel

    Does SINREX increase ejaculate volume or not???

  21. Dave

    Yeap, it does! :)

  22. Ash

    This stuff sucks. Don’t buy it! Drink water instead of pills, lol

  23. Corey

    Sinrex was working for me really well and I am happy to say it increased my ejaculations to huge. i cum more and longer ejaculation.

  24. Evan

    Thanks for recommending this to me for increase seminal fluid. I’ve tried and been more than pleased with the results. Will gladly buy it over and over again.

  25. Shawn

    It’s a little expensive but Sinrex does what it advertises. My ejaculate volume doubled.

  26. George

    My girlfriend just got done scratching my back like a porn star and acting like an animal in the bedroom due to prolong ejaculation. She hasn’t ever acted like this. Thanks Sinrex!

  27. Porn Star

    OMG! what the hell is going on?

  28. Mark

    and its cheaper! Haha thought Id through that in there.

  29. Eric

    I disagree with that last bit from mark. It wasnt the cheapest Ive seen by a long shot, but you definitely get what you pay for and it worked way better than the cheapo stuff.

  30. Dave

    Eric, youre right – you get what you pay for. Hey, why don’t you share your results in pictures? :) Comeon guys…

  31. Loren

    This page definitely has all of the information and facts I wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask. What do you think about – does it sound genuine to you?

  32. Derick

    Wonderful post! Do you’ve got any thoughts that you simply possibly prepared to share to clarify your second element a modest quantity additional? thanks an incredible deal

  33. Gary

    I’m impressed by the quality of information and facts on this web page. Definitely great. You’ll find loads of good resources right here.

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